Regular income including all supplements

We can assure you that with our agency you will work under the same or even better financial conditions as senior employees, including all bonuses, rewards, and supplements. You will receive your income regularly on the same day and in full. Plus, you can decide whether you want your wage to be in Czech crowns, […]

Health and social insurance for retirement

With our agency, you will work legally and on a contract. We will take care of all legal matters and you will get health and social insurance the first day you start working. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the health care and your work hours will count towards your retirement.

Weekly financial advances

You don’t have to wait for your payday. Each week, you are entitled to receive 1.300 CZK in advance, so that you always have some money on you to pay for everyday expenses.

Rewards and bonuses

We reward hardworking people. Every employee can get a financial bonus for regular attendance and overtimes in the amount or several thousand Czech crowns. Moreover, we have also prepared free tickets to cultural events for the best workers. It is important for us that your life and the life of your family would be filled […]

Accommodation and transportation

We will get you a comfortable accommodation near your place of work. Our agency has prepared for you several comfortable and reconstructed lodging houses and flats. We can get accommodation for individuals, couples, or groups wherever you will desire. For commuting employees, we organize everyday transportation into selected companies at our own expenses. So, you […]

Help of our coordinators

With our agency, you know who to turn to. Our coordinators will take care of you individually, and they will solve any problems you may encounter. All our employees are important to us and we will do everything in our power that you would feel our care for you. Do you need an assistance with […]

Help with execution and debt relief

Taking care of your well-being is important for us. We can find you stable job and help you in various life situations. Our lawyers and tax advisors are at your service for free – we can mediate for you debt relief and immediate execution settlement.

Benefits and discounts

As a large and stable company, we have managed to negotiate the best conditions for services, so that you save money. Phone operator – We can offer you great deals, so that you can save 45% or more in comparison with standard prices. You can get great deals on monthly tariffs, internet, or any other […]

Medical check-up and work clothes

On taking up the job, we will pay for you the required medical check-up, which usually cost several hundred crowns, so you don’t have to pay for it yourself. We will also provide you with work clothes for your new job.