Health and social insurance for retirement

With our agency, you will work legally and on a contract. We will take care of all legal matters and you will get health and social insurance the first day you start working. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the health care and your work hours will count towards your retirement.

Accommodation and transportation

We will get you a comfortable accommodation near your place of work. Our agency has prepared for you several comfortable and reconstructed lodging houses and flats. We can get accommodation for individuals, couples, or groups wherever you will desire. For commuting employees, we organize everyday transportation into selected companies at our own expenses. So, you …

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Help with execution and debt relief

Taking care of your well-being is important for us. We can find you stable job and help you in various life situations. Our lawyers and tax advisors are at your service for free – we can mediate for you debt relief and immediate execution settlement.