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Benefits of working at our agency

We are the ones you can rely on. We will fight for you and we will help you in all life situations. And as a bonus, we will find you a job. Look at an overview of all benefits and job offer.

You don’t have to pay anything

All our services are completely free for you. Our employment agency won’t charge you anything. We guarantee that you’ll receive the same wage and bonuses as senior employees in the same work field, and sometimes even more. Not to mention all the other benefits that we offer. Our services are paid by large companies that you can work for.

Strong company environment is there for you

We employ hundreds of satisfied workers and we negotiate the best conditions on your behalf in companies that you can work for. There is nothing to be afraid of – We have been operating on the market since 2010. Since then, we have found jobs for hundreds of satisfied employees. If you’re dealing with any issues, you can even turn to our chief executive officer who will handle them. We will always take your side. You can rely on us.

Working through the agency is beneficial and made for you

At this moment, we are looking for production operators, warehousemen, operators, banding assistants, forklift drivers, concrete workers, bricklayers, welders, and many others. Your work experience doesn’t matter, nor your education. We will always pay attention to your needs and find you the right job under the best conditions.

We will take care of your family

You and your family are important to us. We will ensure your financial stability, regular monthly income, and weekly financial advances to cover regular expenses. We will also help you with any executions or insolvencies – our large company will communicate on your behalf with banks and executors to ensure the best conditions for you. Moreover, we will offer access to cultural activities as rewards for your job. Experience a happy family life with us.

Benefits for employees

Good manners and respectful approach with our employees are very important to us. Along with a job, you will gain access to extensive employee care system that will take good care of you. Our agency offers the largest scope of benefits. You will get great job, comparable or greater wage, and many other benefits that come alongside with the job.

Rewards and bonuses

We reward hardworking people. Every employee can get a financial bonus for regular attendance and overtimes in the amount or several thousand Czech crowns. Moreover,

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Note: „Benefits and discounts“ are offered to employees who have work regularly for at least 30 days.

The benefit „Free medical check-up and work clothes“ is available to employees who have since the entry into employment worked for at least 90 days.

Some benefits might apply only to the employees with Czech citizenship and based on requirement in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Accommodation offer

To all our employee, we offer an accommodation in the place of work, or nearby. You can choose from different types of accommodation for individual, couples, working groups, or families. We’ll try to meet your accommodation requirements.

Separate buildings with a garden

You can live in an apartment with a garden, so that you can feel at home. In these buildings, there are several independent apartments with private bathrooms. You can relax on a terrace or on a private garden all around the building.

Fully equipped apartments

Private apartments are located in several large buildings. Our cozy and fully equipped flats are in Hranice na Moravě, and in Valašské Meziříčí. You can either use separate rooms in these flats, in case you come alone or as a couple, or you can have the whole flat for your family or larger working group.

Comfortable hostels

Complementary to our accommodation services are carefully selected hostels, where we pay close attention to the standards of services, which include daily cleaning and maintaing a clean environment. The employees can choose from great variety of rooms, from two to six beds.




Recommend a colleague

Either recommend or bring in person a new worker for an open position at our agency, and you will get a financial reward.

SPECIAL OFFER: Use the offer of first 100 for 2000!

With our agency, you don’t have to wait 12 months to get a financial bonus for a recommendation, as is the case with other agencies. You will get the financial bonus of 2.000 CZK already after your recommended colleague has finished working 100 hours. This usually means only two weeks, and then you can look forward to your reward.

Do you know about somebody?

Do you know a worker that you would like to recommend? Do you want to work for us and begin right with your friend, colleague, or a family member? We will gladly welcome you. So, let us know and enjoy your financial bonus almost immediately.


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