Are you looking for production employees? You have come to the right place! 

We specialize in mediating employees for all types of production positions (production operator, warehouseman, operator, etc.). We offer high quality and skilled employees for these positions.

EU citizens

  • Hungarian
  • Ukrainian-Hungarian
  • Hungarian-Serbian
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Czech

Citizens outside EU

  • Serbian
  • Bosnian-Serbian
  • Ukrainian

All inclusive services 

Your worries have now become our joy. With employment agency, you don’t have to worry about anything – we will supply you with an employee and take care of everything. We deal with all the administration and technical issues. We supply you with an employee together with various services, which include:

Searching, recruiting, and interviewing the employees

Translators and coordinators at the workplace

Salary payment

Paying social and health insurance and income taxes

Personnel and payroll processing

OSH training

Initial and periodical medical check-ups

Accommodation of employees

Transportation of employees

Equipping with protective tools in accordance with safety regulations

Compliance with the law requirements for agency employment

Processing employee’s card, work and residence visas for employees outside the EU

Our clients will also receive from us coordinators, and if necessary translators, who will be constantly present at the work place to be able to deal with any needs. Our clients also have direct line to the agency management, so that they can deal directly and swiftly with any type of business matters.

Stability of services

Guarantee of long-term satisfaction

Only satisfied employees are there right employees. Therefore, our agency offers an elaborate system of benefits – the most extensive one from all agencies in our region. Moreover, in the Hranice region, we have a contract with our partner who takes care of accommodation. Based on our agreement, the accommodation capacity is large enough, so that we won’t ever have a problem with accommodation of our employees.

We have contracts not only with mass accommodation sites, but also with dozens of flats in various cities of the region, whereby we ensure high comfort of our employees. They usually live within the walking distance from the workplace, which means that there are no extra costs for transportation, which are usually included in the invoices of other agencies.

Ondřej Žáček

Director – Business Affairs

„Our services provide a comprehensive range of personnel solutions. Join hundreds of our employees and dozens of satisfied clients.“

Employees outside the EU

Do you have your own foreign employees and want to employ them legally?

We understand the legislation outside the EU

The agency employment of workers outside the EU is our specialty. We offer to our clients mainly Serbian and Ukrainian employees with a significantly shorter time of processing of residence and work documents in comparison to standard waiting periods.

These employees are highly rated in the long term thanks to their above average workload, reliability, and manual skills. We trust them so much that we offer you test times, during which you can test them out on your workplace. We believe you will be fully satisfied.

In case, you are interested in employees outside the EU, we will take care of all law requirements, recruitment, and transportation. Together with these employees, we also offer the same comprehensive services, as it is with employees from the EU. So, you don’t have to worry about anything, because we will take care of everything for you.

speaks for us

We are grateful to our clients and partners for their long-term and excellent cooperation.


The DAS WELDING company is engaged in the production of car seat components for the multinational Hyundai manufacturer in Nošovice. The production plants are mainly working with welding technologies.

Henniges Automotive

The Henniges company is a traditional producer of sealing and anti-vibration technologies for the automotive industry. In the production plant in Hranice, you can find many modern semiautomatic press lines and other highly advanced machines. Among their customers, you will find the top automotive brands, such as BMW.

DEZA (Agrofert)

DEZA Valašské Meziříčí processes black tar, crude benzene, and by-products from coal cooking, from which it produces a wide range of products with wide application, for example in nuclear or automotive industries.

CIE Automotive

The CIE company is the top producer of pressed parts on transfer and conventional presses. The employees take care of assembly and welding of set for automotive industry.


Specialist in production and sales of Czech mass-produced furniture in dismantled condition. The furniture produced by MB DOMUS can be found in domestic shops, but mainly in foreign furniture chains.

Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe

Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe is a manufacturer of plastic parts for automotive industry and EPP granulate (expanded polypropylene) for further processing. The plastic parts are made of both composite material (glass + polypropylene) GMT - Glass Mat Thermoplastic and expanded polypropylene EPP.

Responsible company

We are responsible

Social responsibility represents for us voluntary commitment to behave in the context of our development responsibly towards the environment and society, in which we operate. In every day decision making on key activities of our company or building relationships with our partners, we always carefully consider the impact of our actions on society.

Positive impact on the labor market

As an employment agency with hundreds of employees, we pay close attention to maintaining the labor market balance and providing equal opportunities. We closely cooperate with regional offices of the Czech labor office, with regional labor inspectorate, or with foreign police. Together we coordinate our actions to bring positive synergy in the social field of our employees.

Benefit for the whole society

As an employer, we fully comply with all legislative and tax regulations. For each employee, we pay government taxes, whereby we participate on implementation of the common budget, which serves the public interest.

Green administration

Agency employment requires a lot of administration, which is reflected in the purchases of consumables. We keep updating our processes regularly and train our employees to behave responsibly towards our environment.

We think about the others

In Hranice, our home town, we support young people from the club Judo železo Hranice that trains future Olympic stars. We are happy to be part of the support teams of this sport club and to contribute to a good cause.

The Olomouc theater association Na Balkoně connects theatrical, musical, and film artists who prepare for their spectators interesting productions, for example in the theater Na Šantovce. We are happy that we can support culture in our region and we invite our employees to these plays.

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