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SKS Business Unit Ltd. is solely Czech employment agency with a clear ownership structure since its foundation in 2010. For a long time, we have been providing comprehensive personnel consulting services in the automotive and engineering industries with an overlap into other industries.

We are a showcase of agency employment in the Czech Republic – together with our employees and Czech, Korean, Spanish, and American partners, we strictly pay attention to keeping all legal requirements.

All employees are guaranteed a comparable wage with senior employees, plus they have access to an extensive employee care program, including several benefits. Our partners can rest assured that they we gain satisfied and hard-working employees, who can be employed legally and who are taken good care of!

We operate mainly in the Olomouc, Moravian-Silesian, and Zlin regions, but we can provide our services anywhere in the Czech Republic. We offer stable approach and flexibility – our services can be adjusted to the needs of every client. Sensitivity to your needs and to the specifics of production is for us the cornerstone of building business relationships. At the same time, we collaborate only with such partners that can ensure the possibility of long-term and seamless cooperation for our employees.

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Together with our headquarters in Ostrava, we want to invite you to visit our office in Hranice. You will meet there our dear HR or company management – in case you are interested in establishing business cooperation, we will gladly invite you for lunch or a cup of coffee in the hotel restaurant Centrum.

Tomáš Hampl

Managing Director

„Our goal is to have satisfied employees, partners, and clients.“

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