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Agency employment in the Czech Republic is regulated by extensive legislation, whereby keeping its laws is very important to us. We guarantee our clients and employees a seamless collaboration fully compliant with the law. On regular basis, we go through numerous inspections by government authorities, and we work together with them to create a legal environment for agency employment.

Based on the decision of the directorate general of the labor office of the Czech Republic of 11 May 2018, ref. nr. UPCR-2018/25725/5, we grant the employment agency a permit to mediate employment for a period of three years after this decision has come into force. You can view a scan of this decision HERE. At your request, we will be happy to show you the original.

Based on the provision § 60b of the law nr. 435/2004 Coll., On Employment, the employment agency is obliged to pay a deposit of 500.000 CZK to the directorate general of the labor office. This deposit guarantees proper performance of agency employment and ensure early fulfilment of all tax obligations.

The above-mentioned permit by the directorate general of the labor office, ref. nr. UPCR-2018/25725/5, has been issued without territorial scope, which means that we can mediate employment to all citizens from every country. The employees from outside the EU undergo a legal procedure to gain work and residence permit. The agency SKS Business Unit offers these employees complete legal services, enabling them to submit their requests to competent authorities in the Czech Republic and in foreign countries, so that they can be employed legally.

Insurance guarantee in case of bankruptcy of the employment agency is arranged based on the § 58 of the law nr. 435/2004 Coll., On Employment, in the amount, which corresponds to the average net monthly earnings times three of all temporarily assigned employees. You can view the scan of the insurance contract HERE.

The SKS Business Unit company honors its commitment to protect your possible claims and has therefore arranged a general liability insurance with the limit of 30.000.000 CZK.

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